We Can Now Test Your Hearing As Well As Your Sight

By support on July 2, 2018

Geoff Steven and Sons are proud to offer a truly independent hearing care service to the whole family. Our service offers you:

INDEPENDENT Hearing Advice

FREE Hearing Tests

FULL Aftercare Service

LATEST Digital Technology

Hearing loss happens gradually. You may miss the odd word, mishear certain words, turn the TV or radio up louder than the rest of the family would prefer? Quite often the problem is found to be lack of clarity rather than volume. Unfortunately this is a natural part of ageing and will happen to almost everyone at some time or another.

Do you find people mumbling or you miss what people are saying to you? Perhaps you avoid noisy social occasions and situations?

Did you know that 1 in 6 people in the UK aged over 50 have a hearing loss? This is a normal age related situation.

However, we have an effective hearing loss solution for you!

An initial screening will take as little as 15 minutes to establish whether you have a treatable hearing loss. You may have no loss at all. You may have a straightforward case of earwax build up, a very mild issue which needs nothing other than to be checked again in 18-24 months time or you may have a treatable hearing loss.

If you do, then a Full Digital Hearing Test which covers background history, an examination of the ear, an audiology test which will identify areas where your hearing can be improved and recommendations to rectify it from our Hearing Aid Audiologist. The entire hearing assessment is painless and straightforward. We offer a strictly free, no obligation trial of your digital hearing aid ensuring we have met your hearing needs 100% before you commit to buying.

Your Hearing Needs

Our hearing care service is designed to offer you the very best impartial advice and recommendations. Rest assured that our experienced and highly skilled Hearing Aid Audiologist will provide a thorough and professional service plus ongoing support for your future needs. We supply only the very best digital hearing aid systems in the world.

Open up the world of sound and book an appointment now, for yourself, a relative or friend you think we can help. Call 01434 603862 or call into Geoff Steven and Sons, 10 Market Place, Hexham, NE46 1XG