One Small Step For Man, One Giant Step For Mankind and an offer for you!

By support on July 15, 2019

If NASA can depend on Zeiss for their missions, shouldn’t you trust them for your spectacles?

July 20th Marks 50 Years Since The Historic Moon Landings

50 years since man first stepped onto the surface of the moon. We all know the first man on the moon was Neil Armstrong, closely followed by Buzz Aldrin, but did you know those iconic pictures were captured with a specially designed Hasselblad camera using Zeiss lenses which were developed to withstand extreme conditions outside the Earth’s atmosphere, zero gravity and where the temperature fluctuates between minus 65°C to over 120°C .

A collective dream became a reality and a footprint symbolised the monumental achievement. Those photographs were seen by millions the world over and continue to do so.

Arguably the world’s most renowned brand in optics, Zeiss remain at the forefront of optical lens technology and innovation, inspiring generations to see beyond .. and go beyond, developing lenses to enable people to realise their ambitions.

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