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Contact Lenses Explained

What is a spherical lens?

This is the most common type of lens which most people wear, but does not correct astigmatism.

What is an astigmatic lens?

If you have an eyeball that is shaped more like a rugby ball you probably have astigmatism. This is quite normal and very common. An astigmatic lens corrects astigmatic eyes.

What is a multifocal lens?

Normally in your mid to late 40s reading difficulties are experienced (This is termed presbyopia). At this time reading glasses, bifocals or varifocals are normally required. A multifocal contact lens will enable you to view both distance and reading out of the same lens.

What is a rigid gas permeable contact lens?

These lenses are smaller, and as their name would suggest, more rigid than soft lenses. They are however, once adapted, normally a very comfortable and trouble free modality of lens wear. They are excellent for astigmatic patients, normally providing clear and stable vision

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