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Eye Test from Geoff Steven and Son

I can see fine, why do I need an eye examination?
Eye ExaminationStudies have repeatedly shown the sense people most fear losing is their sight and yet many people do not attend for regular eye tests. Although your vision may appear fine, many ocular diseases, such as glaucoma, will go unnoticed in the early stages and the later they are discovered the harder it can be to treat them. In normal circumstances you should have an eye test at least every two years unless advised otherwise by your optician. Annual tests may be needed depending on your age or medical history.

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What happens during an eye test?
GDXOur standard eye test lasts about half an hour as we take our time performing all the tests we feel are necessary to ensure your ocular health, although it may take a little longer if the optician feels as though some extra tests are necessary. Your eyes will be examined by one of the Steven family with a combined total of over 55 years of optical experience. At Geoff Steven and Son no two eye tests will be exactly the same as each one is taylor made to suit your needs but during the test we will:

* Take your History and Symptoms
* Check your visions
* Perform ocular motor balance tests
* Perform basic field screening
* Check your intra-ocular pressures (important for detecting glaucoma), depending on your age/family history
* Examine the external and internal structures of your eye
* Humphreys Check your pupils react normally (pupil defects can give an indication of a range of different health problems, not just to do with the eye)
* Issue a spectacle prescription and offer advice on what we feel would be best for your eyes

This is the minimum we will do. There may be other tests that our opticians feel are necessary, using our state of the art equipment (see our “specialist equipment” section) but he will advise you at the time of your test.

Am I eligible for a NHS (free) test?
The following receive a free eye test at any one of our branches:
* Over 60
* Under 16
* 16 to 18 in full time education
* Registered blind/partially sighted
* Suffering from diabetes or glaucoma
* Over 40 and the parent, brother, sister of child of person with glaucoma
* Claiming: income support, pension credit, job seekers allowance, family tax credit

If in doubt ring one of our branches for confirmation.

What sort of things can be detected in an eye test?
Digital Retina CameraThe range of ocular diseases that can be detected at an eye test is never ending (for anyone interested the red atlas website shows ocular photos from hundreds of different ocular diseases). The most common conditions seen by our optometrists on a regular basis include:
* Glaucoma
* Diabetes
* Macular degeneration
* Cataract
* High blood pressure

Will I be obliged to buy glasses?
No, never! As mentioned earlier we are a small family business and all our optometrists are members of the Steven family. As such they have no “sales targets” to meet, as in some opticians. They are under no pressure to recommend glasses to you unless they feel as though they are clinically necessary.

How do I book an eye test? Ring whichever one of our branches you would like to test your eyes (see the “branches” section) and simply ask to book a test. It could not be easier.